Chainmail of the Fey's Easiness

Lesser enchantment (Pris: 5 Vis) Chainmail of the Fey’s Easiness
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Technique-Form Perdo-Terram
Total Level 34
Uses per day +1 lvl (2/Uses per day)
Base Effect: 5 +2 Metal
Range +0
Target +0 Ind.
Duration +2 Sun
Penetration +0 lvl (0)
Other mechanic +3 lvl. triggered Effect (sunrise/sunset), +1 Muto / +0 Animal requisite
Auto Concentration +0 (No)
Production cost (Vis): 4
Creator: Hugo
Effect: This enchantment alters a chainmail in a way that it’s wearer can use it
like it was a robe made from the finest silk instead of metal.
(Eliminating all weight and burden)

Inspiration: Easing the Knight’s Burden (from Net’s Wizard’s Grimore)

MuTe 25 (Req: An)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

This alters a suit of armor, shifting and redistributing its weight. None of the weight is eliminated, just the bulkiness is reduced. Lower the Load Value by 1 for a partial suit or by two for a full suit. If combined with Hauberk of Sublime Lightness [Arm5 HoH:S pg. 38], the result is a negligible load value (zero).

(B:4 :, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, Metal +2)

Inspiration: Hauberk of Sublime Lightness (from Houses of Hermes – Societates pg. 38)

PeTe 30
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

Render a suit of metal armor nearly weightless. Armor made from metal-reinforced leather, metal scale or chain mail has its Load reduced to 1 for a partial suit or 2 for a full suit. The spell eliminates the weight of the armor, but not its bulk.

(B:5 :, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, Metal +2)
(New PeTe Guideline – Level 5: Destroy one aspect of dirt, such as its weight or its cohesiveness.)

Rules for creating high quality items before enchantment (Arm5: City and Guilds pg. 69)

Superior Items

Superior quality items are better than standard finished goods: prettier, more durable, and exceptionally well made. Guild craftsmen are usually proficient enough to regularly make superior items, helped by their work force to increase their reputations and annual incomes. Exceptional urban and rural craftsmen can create superior items singlehandedly. Superior quality items have one of their features increased: their strength, durability, or appearance. They contribute a +1 bonus to a specific activity when used. Beautifully crafted clothing and apparel allow the wearer to add +1 to a specific social roll. For non-military items, the player should determine a specific situation to which this +1 bonus is added. Situations that would receive a bonus for a character’s specialization in an Ability are good examples. Superior cloaks could add +1 to a Charm roll for first impressions, or a superior tapestry could add to an Etiquette roll to deal politely with guests in the room where it is hung. A diet of superior bread sustained for a whole year gives a +1 aging modifier to Aging rolls. Tools allow the crafter to add +1 to his roll when he is making a specific item. Superior shields add +1 to defense rolls, and a superior sword adds +1 to an attack roll. Superior armor grants the user a +1 to his armor’s protection value.

Excellent Quality Items

Excellent items are generally made for a specific person or purpose.

Each is a beautifully crafted work of art. They decorate cathedrals, clothe bishops, adorn papal legates, accessorize ladies, and enhance knights. They have higher bonuses in play than superior quality items, cost more to purchase, and take more skill to create. Like superior quality items, excellent items gain bonuses to one of their features. Unlike superior quality items, they are not limited to a +1 bonus or to a single, specific activity. To make an excellent item, the Workshop Total must equal or exceed the Craft Level. For every 3 points that exceed the Craft Level, add an additional +1 bonus to a feature of the item. This bonus is then applied to every activity that the item is used for. The maximum total bonus an excellent item may have is limited by its creator’s Craft Ability score divided by three, rounded up.

total bonus limit: Craft Ability / 3, rounded up

This would make it possible in theory for a master craftsman (Craft Ability of 10) to create Chain Mail with a Soak Score of +13, which can be further enhanced by magic.

An excellent longsword adds its bonus to both attack and defense rolls. Excellent armor increases a character’s Soak, and excellent shields increase his defense roll. Excellent shoes could add the bonus to LongTerm Fatigue rolls made at a journey’s end, gowns could add to all Etiquette rolls, and excellent parchment could add to a scribe’s rolls to make a book. Some adjudication is necessary, and you and your troupe determine the exact situations in which an excellent item’s bonus applies.

Other armor enhancement: Hardness of Adamadite (from Houses of Hermes – Societates pg. 37)

MuTe 25
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

This spell instills a metal object with supernatural strength and hardness. Even metals like gold or lead can be affected. The object becomes nearly unbreakable by mundane means.

If used on chain mail or metal scale armor, the Protection value of the armor is increased by +2. If uesd on an edged weapon, the weapon gains +1 to damage. This bonus can be combined with that from Edge of the Razor or other spells.

(B:4 :, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, Metal +2)

As an Invested Effect for an Invested Item or Talisman
  • Chain Mail: Requires 20 pawns of Vis to open witch requires 10 in Magic Theory
  • Constant invested effect: Easing the Knight’s Burden (level 24)
  • Constant invested effect: Hauberk of Sublime Lightness (level 29)
  • Constant invested effect: Hardness of Adamadite (level 24)
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    Chainmail of the Fey's Easiness

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